iPhone 14 Max launching today: Expected specs, price in India, design and everything else

iPhone 14 Max launching today– Smartphones are ubiquitous these days. The smartphone, however, remains a mystery to most people. It is possible that you are not even aware of some similar information that we will share with you.

On a smartphone, you will find a lot of things at the bottom. You’ll find several ports on this phone, such as a charging port, an audio jack, and a speaker. There is also a small hole visible beside the audio jack.

This small hole appears to be quite large to me, so I would like to know how big it actually is. Having this in your phone is the only way you can talk to anyone. Today, you will receive all the information you need about it.

There is a tiny hole in the ceiling, but I don’t know what it’s forĀ 

This small hole is often overlooked by the majority of people. Due to this, people are unable to understand or ignore some form of design. Here’s something you need to know about your smartphone. With this, you can talk on the phone much more easily.

The smaller the hole, the better the call experience. It is impossible to speak to anyone if there is no hole in the phone. These microphones use noise cancellation technology. It is installed in every smartphone and small phone because you cannot make calls without it.

What is the function of this feature?

As soon as a call is initiated, the noise-canceling microphone on the phone automatically turns on. For your convenience, we would like to inform you that these noise cancellation microphones eliminate the background noise during your call.

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With this noise cancellation microphone, you can block out the noise when talking in a crowded place. You probably already knew how useful this feature was even if you didn’t know about it.

iPhone 14 Max price in India (expected)

Some reports suggest the iPhone 14 will carry the same price tag as the iPhone 13, even though there is no concrete information. Apple’s iPhone 14 could start at between Rs 80,000 and Rs 85,000 in India, according to leaks.

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