Apple plans manufacturing iPhone 14 in India

Apple plans manufacturing iPhone 14 in India– Two months after its initial release in China, Apple Inc plans to start manufacturing the iPhone 14 in India, Bloomberg News reported.

Reports citing people familiar with the matter said Apple is working with suppliers to ramp up production in India and shorten the production lag from previous launches, which has averaged six to nine months.

It was reported earlier in the day that Apple may set up production facilities outside China to mitigate geopolitical risks related to supply efficiency for its upcoming iPhone 14.

The launch of a non-Chinese iPhone production facility is an important milestone for Apple despite the short-term gap between India’s iPhone shipments and China’s.

A gradual ramp-up in production of iPhones has been taking place in India by the US-based company. Foxconn (Hon Hai), Wistron, and Pegatron currently manufacture its devices in India.

Incentives for mobile manufacturing are associated with the three Apple partners. In order to receive incentives, the companies must make products worth at least Rs 8,000 crore each this year.

Several sources have told Bloomberg that Apple has been working with suppliers to ramp up production in India in an attempt to shorten the time between previous iPhone launches and the new model.

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Amid clashes between the Chinese government and the US, as well as recent lockdowns to curb the spread of the virus, Apple has been seeking alternatives to Chinese manufacturing.

Apple’s iPhone 14 will be assembled at Foxconn Technology’s plant outside Chennai, Tamil Nadu, with components sourced from China.

In the end, Apple and Foxconn decided that simultaneously starting in both India and China would not be feasible this year, though a long-term goal remains.

As a result of the initial September release, they estimate the first iPhone 14s will be ready by late October or November. According to the news agency, Diwali, which begins on October 24, would be an ambitious target.

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