Apple Is Just Three Weeks Away From Showing Off the iPhone 14

Apple Is Just Three Weeks Away From Showing Off the iPhone 14– Apple is planning to release the new iPhone earlier than usual, boosting its sales in the current quarter. In other news, Peloton will offer bikes that you assemble yourself; Netflix will ban offline viewing from its ad-supported service; and the company lays off recruiters.

It is expected that Apple Inc.’s biggest day will come earlier in 2022 than usual. In a report last week, I reported that Apple plans to unveil the iPhone 14 on Sept. 7.

It would be the first iPhone launched since 2016 and the launch would take place about one week earlier than it did in 2016.

It is an atypical day for Apple to launch a new product after Labor Day. By leaving that Tuesday free, the company made it clear that it wanted that day to be free. What’s the reason? It is possible that guests and the press will need a travel day after Monday’s holiday.

Similar to the WWDC launch in June, the company seems to be planning to host an in-person event for the iPhone launch on its Apple Park campus.

Apple will still deliver the presentation online-like it has throughout the pandemic-but it may also show it live on campus in front of a crowd.

Just as with the newly designed MacBook Air in June, the press will get their hands on new devices afterward. 

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Apple is pushing to get things back to normal – or at least somewhat normal – with an in-person event. In addition, at around that time, the company will begin requiring its corporate employees to work three days a week from the Silicon Valley offices: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and a third day of their choosing.

The pre-pandemic business environment is still far from being restored. Apple’s most normal fall since the iPhone 11 launch in 2019 might feel like an on-site media event and in-person work.

The launch date is earlier than usual, which is one wrinkle. Apple has only launched an iPhone this early once since its launch of iPhones in 2011 (prior to 2011, Apple launched new iPhones in June or July).

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