Apple iPhone 14 launch is just 3 weeks away! Earliest launch since 2016- Mark Gurman explains why

Apple iPhone 14 launch is just 3 weeks away– In the coming days, Apple will launch its iPhone 14 series to surprise its fans. Apple will launch its iPhone 14 series on September 7, 2022, which is just 3 weeks away, according to leaks and rumours.

The launch will be Apple’s earliest since 2016, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. According to the tweet, Apple will launch the iPhone 14 within three weeks, the earliest launch since 2016.

” Apple plans to unveil the iPhone 14 at an event on Sept. 7. This would be the earliest iPhone announcement since 2016 and would be followed by the device’s release on Sept. 16 – about a week ahead of last year’s schedule.

There will be an Apple product launch on Wednesday after Labor Day, an atypical time for the company to launch a product. This move indicates that the company wanted to give guests a travel day after Monday’s holiday, Gurman reported in a report.

According to him, the approach strongly suggests the company will host the iPhone launch event on its Apple Park campus in person, similar to what it hosted for World Economic Forum in June 2022.

As Apple has done with events throughout the pandemic, the presentation itself will still be delivered online—but the video may also be shown live at Apple’s campus.

Aside from that, he explained when earlier iPhone models were launched, and that the iPhone 7 was the first iPhone launched this early before the iPhone 14.

According to the report, only one iPhone has been launched so early since Apple began unveiling iPhones in 2011: the iPhone 7 in 2016. (Previously, Apple announced new iPhones in June or July).

I see a few things in this,” Gurman said. In Apple’s fiscal fourth quarter, which runs through September, it will have an extra week of iPhone 14 sales.

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In the fourth quarter of 2021, Apple’s sales rose 29% from 2020, making matching that growth difficult. In fact, analysts are already projecting about $89 billion in revenue for the company if it sells another week of iPhone 14.

Despite lingering shortages of chips and rising costs, Apple’s supply chain is still functioning well-at least for the iPhone. Last quarter, however, Macs and iPads suffered from supply shortages.

A second event is planned for October, and Apple wants more space for it. Apple typically launches the new iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPads and Macs in September, followed by the new Macs and iPads in October before the pandemic. The arrival of new Macs and iPads following the iPhones is likely to be a return to that format this year.”

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