All is well with Apple iPhone 14 supply chain production, says tech analyst

All is well with Apple iPhone 14 supply chain production– Ming-Chi Kuo of TF Securities has asserted that the ongoing tensions between Taiwan and China will not disrupt iPhone 14 supply chain production since the shipments are on schedule. According to the Twitter post of the tech analyst, he makes accurate predictions in general.

  As a result of the geopolitical turmoil between China and Taiwan, there were earlier reports that Apple may face supply chain issues with the iPhone 14 series. According to Kuo, everything is fine and on schedule, and the Apple iPhone 14 launch shouldn’t be affected.

With the iPhone 14 series, Apple has already secured more supply chain partners as a strategic preparation for situations such as these. A bulwark Apple is attempting to build to protect its business from political instability can be seen in the list of supply chain partners.

Kuo also points to this bulwark. Despite short-term shortages and supply gaps, Kuo said in July, the tech giant is well-prepared.

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Apple-related claims have been made by the tech analyst recently. The launch of Apple’s first mixed reality headset will dispel investors’ concerns about mixed reality’s commercial success in January 2023, he said.

Even though the device hasn’t been released yet, Kuo said Apple plans to release a cheaper version by 2025 after testing out the first-generation AR/MR headsets.

There is also an AR-only headset in development, which could be announced around 2024. He also claimed Apple will launch USB-C charging cases for its AirPods in 2023 to switch them all to USB-C charging.

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